Cycling Stuff

I had wanted this to go on my blog, but the blog is hosted on (rather than being on my own server, for reasons I explained when I started it), and doesn't allow the <iframe> elements which are necessary to embed Garmin Connect activities. So instead I'm going to be putting stuff here, at least until gets its act together.

The MIT Cycling Club has a few regular circuits that they often do. Most of these are to the northwest suburbs and exurbs, particularly Lexington, Concord, and Harvard (the town, not the university), but there's one regular circuit through Brookline, Newton, Needham, and Dover. In Fall of 2015 I joined the club (thankfully staff are allowed to join student activities, although we're not eligible for competition). Most of the club rides start out early in the morning somewhere in Cambridge (usually the MIT Student Center or in Porter Square), which doesn't really do much for me, but both Concord and Dover are within easy cycling distance of my home in Framingham, so what works out for me is to meet the club ride at the half-way point, ride with the group back to Cambridge, drop my bike at the office and get some lunch, then ride back home alone. You'll see my rides home on the Boston/Cambridge page, along with rides into town that don't have anything to do with club activities.

The following list shows the longer-distance rides I've been doing — I'm intentionally omitting the short rides I do in the morning before work because they're pretty repetitive and not very interesting to write about. (Not all of the categories below are populated yet; I'll be adding to them as I remember and can think of something meaningful to write about them.

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